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[Cookie Elf #244]Quick, Delish (and Healthy) Oatmeal Fruit Bar Cookies
April 24, 2018
Dear Cookie Elf reader,

Welcome back to The Cookie Elf File … and to easy cookie recipes! About once a week, The Elf sends you cookie recipes, cookie trivia and simple baking tips to save you time, mess, and money so you can bake homemade cookies.

Coming up on April 30: National Oatmeal Cookie Day! Oatmeal Fruit Bar Cookies let you use the dried fruit already in your cupboard in whatever combination you choose. Plus bar cookies are quick and easy. Enjoy!

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Feature: Oatmeal Fruit Bar Cookies: Healthy, Quick, Easy!

Image: The Cookie Elf

Healthy oatmeal cookies? Yep. Oatmeal Fruit Bar Cookies are a cross between a bar cookie and a granola bar.

Quick and easy to make!

In fact, you may find that these are so simple and so good that you don’t buy granola bars anymore but bake these instead.

And they’re healthier than your average cookie, too, since most of the sweetness is from honey and dried fruit (with just a bit of brown sugar thrown into the mix). They’re great for breakfast, too.

Don’t buy dried fruit for this recipe unless you want to. Instead, take a look in your pantry and use any of the dried fruits and nuts that are already there, like raisins, dried cranberries, apricots, dates, plums, apples, or others.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Setting time: 18-20 minutes
Makes about 24 bars

Get the complete recipe for Oatmeal Fruit Bar Cookies… and check out more Oatmeal Cookie Recipes on our Pinterest board.

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Cookie Baking Tip: How to Save Mess with Bar Cookie Crust

Image: The Cookie Elf

See more helpful cookie baking tips on The Elf’s Baking Tips Pinterest Board .

Bars Be Easy! Cut and Lift with Less Mess

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That’s it for now. See you next time!

Happy baking,

Kathy, The Cookie Elf

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