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[Cookie Elf File #429] Apple Fudge Brownies: an Easy Way to Use Apples
October 05, 2021
Dear Cookie Elf reader,

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Apples are in season, which is perfect excuse to make Apple Fudge Brownies. Enjoy!

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Feature: Apple Fudge Brownies - an Easy Way to Use Apples

Image: The Cookie Elf

Apple Fudge Brownies are an easy way to use apples, especially when you have a couple of slightly shriveled apples sitting in the fruit bowl that no one wants to eat.

They’re too old or even mealy.

That attitude can change in a hurry. I’ve seen it in my own house. Grate a couple of apples, throw them into the brownie batter and all of a sudden, your family members are nicey-nicey.

Of course you can use crisp, fresh apples in this recipe. And I like to chop dried apples and sprinkle them on the top of the brownies, too.

Either way, this recipe is a quick fix.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Bake time: 28-32 minutes
Makes about 35 brownies

Get the full recipe for Apple Fudge Brownies … and be sure to check out our Brownies Pinterest board for more brownie fun and inspiration.

Cookie Baking Tip: How Finely Should I Chop Apples?

Image: The Cookie Elf

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Fine Chops

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That’s it for now. See you next time!

Happy baking,

Kathy, The Cookie Elf

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