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[12 Days of Christmas Cookies] Days 3 & 4: Easy Sugar Cookies and Cranberry Sugar Cookies
November 26, 2019
Dear Cookie Elf reader,

Welcome back to The Cookie Elf File! It’s that time of year when we send you cookie recipes, cookie trivia and simple baking tips to give you easy ways to bake 12 days of Christmas cookies.

This year, we’re sending you two recipes in each email to cut down on the mail in your inbox. Bookmark or pin these recipes so you can use them in your holiday baking.

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12 Days of Christmas Cookies, Day 3: Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe - The Simple Way to Make Cut Out Cookies

Image: The Cookie Elf

Making cut out cookies cannot get any simpler!

This Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe has just 3 ingredients. You can mix the dough together in just a few minutes.

Another advantage of this recipe is that the cookie dough is soft. That means it is pliable and easy to roll when you make cut outs.

You can decorate the cookies with colored sugar and cookie sprinkles before you bake them.

Or you can bake cookies, allow them to cool, and then decorate them with the Easy Royal Frosting recipe.

Prep time: 30 minutes
Bake time: 8-10 minutes
Makes about 4 dozen cookies

Get the full Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe … and check out our Christmas Cut Out Cookies Pinterest board for more easy cookie recipes you can make for Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas Cookies, Day 4: Cranberry Sugar Cookies - Easy Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

Image: The Cookie Elf

Cranberry Sugar Cookies are an a variation of the traditional sugar cookie recipe (made with butter, flour, and sugar) … with 3 little tweaks.
  1. Convenience. It calls for a quick bread or muffin mix rather than measured ingredients from scratch. By using a mix, you save time and mess.
  2. Flavor. The added cranberry tang offers a surprising twist to the traditional rich, buttery flavor associated with most sugar cookie recipes.
  3. Time. Typically, sugar cookie dough is rolled out on the work surface and then cut into shapes using cookie cutters. This recipe calls for cookie dough to be rolled into small balls and pressed down, producing round cookies.
The recipe is just a tad different than traditional sugar cookie version, but it’s a simple (and flavorful) way to enjoy sugar cookies.

Prep time: 5-20 minutes
Bake time: 7-10 minutes
Makes 3-4 dozen cookies

Get the full Cranberry Sugar Cookies recipe… and check out our Sugar Cookies Pinterest board for more easy sugar cookie recipes.

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Cookie Baking Tip: How to Make Firm Cookie Icing

Image: The Cookie Elf

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That’s it for now. See you next time!

Happy baking,

Kathy, The Cookie Elf

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