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Swedish Almond Cookies:
Rolled Biscuit Shortbread Cookies

Swedish Almond Cookies are rich shortbread, flavored with almond, which are sliced during baking to give cookies a biscuit-like texture.

Swedish Almond Cookies

Prep time: 30 minutes

Bake time: 30-40 minutes, divided

Makes about 6-8 dozen sliced cookies, depending on how they are sliced


1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature

1 cup sugar

3 cups flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

1 ounce almond extract

3 tablespoons cream or half-and-half

1 egg

1 cup raw or coarse sugar


  1. In a medium bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.

  2. In a separate bowl, cream together butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.

  3. On a low speed, blend in dry ingredients to creamed mixture, adding a bit at a time and mixing until smooth. Add almond extract and cream. Mix well. Dough will appear crumbly.

  4. Turn out dough onto a floured surface and work into a ball. Divide dough into four parts. Set four portions in four corners of an ungreased baking sheet or two portions each on two different baking sheets. Use a rolling pin to flatten each portion into a six-inch circle. Cover trays securely with plastic wrap. Set baking trays in refrigerator to chill for about 10 minutes.

  5. Preheat oven to 350º F.

  6. Beat egg until frothy. Use a pastry brush to spread beaten egg on the surfaces of the dough rounds. Sprinkle surfaces with coarse sugar.

  7. Bake cookies for 20 minutes. Remove baking sheets from the oven. Reduce oven temperature to 300º F. Use a sharp knife to cut ½ inch – ¾ inch slices horizontally across the rounds. Then cut rounds vertically in half. Return cookies to the oven for 10-20 minutes. Remove baking sheets from the oven. Let cookies cool for about 5 minutes on baking sheets before using a spatula to remove them from the sheet to a cooling rack.

  8. Allow cookies to cool completely. Store in an airtight container.

A Special Tip from The Elf

If you prefer chewy Swedish Almond Cookies, bake for about 10 minutes during the second phase in the oven. If you like cookies to be crisper, bake up to 20 minutes before removing for the oven to be cooled.

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