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The Elf's Cookie Recipe Index: Find Your Favorite Cookie Recipe

The Elf’s Cookie Recipe Index is a helpful tool.

Use the Index to Find a Cookie Recipe

You know how frustrating it can be to try to remember a particular cookie, such as a cookie recipe made with coconut, but to not be able to recall the name of the cookie. This directory lets you view a listing of cookie recipes that contain a certain type of ingredient or method of construction in order to find the one you’re looking for.  

Use the Index to Get Cookie Ideas

Perhaps you have a hankering for cookies made with macadamia nuts. Or maybe you found oatmeal on sale and would like to know different ways to use it in cookie recipes. The recipe index is a great way to see different ways you can use specific ingredients in cookies.

Use the Index for Planning

You may be asked to make cookies for a bake sale. Perhaps you need to find a cookie recipe to use for a Christmas cookie exchange. You might want to make several kinds of cookies to give in cookie gift baskets or to combine attractively on a cookie tray. Use the index to help you plan your cookie baking.

Special Cookie Recipe Indexes

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Cookie Recipes By Ingredient

Cookie Recipes with Almonds or Almond Flavoring

Cookie Recipes with Baking Chocolate

Cookie Recipes with Butterscotch Chips or Butterscotch Flavor

Cookie Recipes with Caramel

Cookie Recipes with Cherries

Cookie Recipes with Coconut

Cookie Recipes with Cranberries

Cookie Recipes with Chocolate Chips

Cookie Recipes with Dates

Cookie Recipes with Lemon or Lime

Cookie Recipes with Macadamia Nuts

Cookie Recipes with Mint

Cookie Recipes with Oatmeal

Cookie Recipes with Oreos

Cookie Recipes with Pecans

Cookie Recipes with Toffee

Cookie Recipes with White Chocolate Chips

Nutella Cookie Recipe Index

Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe Index

Red Velvet Cookies Recipes

Rice Krispie Treat Recipes

Cookie Recipes By Construction

Layer Bars


Sugar Cookie Recipes

Thumbprint Cookie Recipes

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