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Time-Saving Tips for Making Halloween Cookie Recipes

Have fun making Halloween cookie recipes when you banish the goblins and scaredy cats - and use these time-saving tips instead. 

Time-saving tips for making Halloween cookie recipes

Tip #1: Make Your Favorite Cookie Recipes with Orange and Black

Here’s a simple baking tip: use an easy cookie recipe and add orange and black cookie decorations.

For instance, make Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies and sprinkle the top with Halloween cookie sprinkles before you pop the pan in the oven. Presto – you have a “new” Halloween recipe!

Extra tip: scour post-Halloween clearance sales and buy Halloween cookie cutters and Halloween cookie decorations at lower prices. Save them to use next year. (Just be sure to check the expiration dates of the edibles before you go to the checkout line.)

Speaking of planning ahead …

Tip #2: Make Halloween Cookies During the Summer and Freeze Them

It’s inevitable: a few weeks into summer, kids are bored. Use that time to save yourself some time once school starts: make cookies for Halloween and freeze them. You’ll be the coolest mom in the neighborhood because your kids will get to play with cookie cutters during summer break - and you’ll be the one who signs up for the fall bake sale first without breaking a sweat. (Get tips for freezing cookies.)

Tip #3: Make Jumbo Cookies and Wrap Them Individually

Use plastic wrap to package individual Halloween Rice Krispie Treats and Monster Cookies for bake sales and parties, or pop them in care packages or gift baskets.

Bonus tip: use colored plastic wrap or package jumbo cookies in individual gift bags.

Tip #4: Make Halloween Cookie Recipes Throughout the Fall

They're not just for October! Halloween colors coincide with the colors of fall.  That’s why you can use orange, yellow, red, brown, and even black colors in cookies and cookie decorations throughout September, October, and November. 

And don’t forget shapes: pumpkins are popular well into Thanksgiving and beyond. Many families include candy corn on their Thanksgiving tables. You could offer similar cookie recipes during your Thanksgiving celebration, too, such as Candy Corn Rice Krisipie Treats for the kids and Pumpkin Pie Bars instead of baking a fussy pie crust.

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