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Best Tips for Good Lunch Box Cookie Recipes

Good lunch box cookie recipes can help you save money. 

You can bake cookies with your kids in the evening or on the weekend and teach them about cooking and household planning in the process.

Plus, cookies are fun. Who doesn’t like a sweet treat?

Cookies are not just for kiddos’ lunch boxes.

If you or someone you love brown bags it, then these tips can help you pack homemade cookies.

Best Tips for Good Lunch Box Cookie Recipes

Three things do good lunch box cookies make:

1. They travel well

2. They are easy to make

3. They have nutritious ingredients

1. Good Lunch Box Cookies Travel Well

Lunch box cookies need to travel from your kitchen counter to a cafeteria table. 

Best Lunch Box Cookie Tips with The Cookie Elf #BakeCookies #EasyCookie Recipes #CookieBakingTips

In between they may make detours through a back pack, brief case, or locker. They need to be able to withstand the trip. Choose lunch box cookie recipes with:

Firm texture. Cake-like cookies are soft and light. They tend to split up when jostled in a lunch box. Crisp cookies break easily. The best lunch box cookies are dense and compact.

Simple shape. Bake and pack cookies that can slip easily into a zipped-top sandwich bag or wrapped quickly in a small piece of plastic or foil.

No frosting. Sticky tops are wonderful on a plate with a fork. But they can make a sticky mess in a brown paper bag. Ditto with cookies that must stay refrigerated. They’re just not practical.

2. Good Lunch Box Cookies Are Easy to Make

You’re more apt to bake cookies to pack into lunches when you choose easy-to-make recipes.

You can save time (and money) when you bake cookies ahead of time and pre-pack individual portions in Ziploc plastic bags. If cookies are large, wrap each one individually in plastic wrap. Place the packaged portions in a freezer-proof container and store the cookies in the freezer. Remove individual portions each day when you pack lunches. Save even more time when you make double batches.

3. Good Lunch Box Cookies Have Nutritious Ingredients

Oatmeal, peanut butter, cereal, dried fruits: energy-packed ingredients offer a lasting midday lift. 

An Extra Tip for Lunch Box Cookies

Print lunch box notes and slip them into a bag of cookies for extra smiles.

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